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Zhejiang Yuejin Nonferrous Metal Manufacture co., LTD., founded in 2012, is a subsidiary of subordinated to China Yuejin Holding Group. Which is located in the western suburbs of wenzhou , one of the 14 coastal open cities, 48 kilometers from wenzhou international airport, 18 km from wenzhou south high speed railway station, convenient land, sea and air, and traffic convenient. Company own five forging production lines mainly with the electric screw press  and more than 70 machining CNC lathes, forecast the annual output can reach 150 million RMB. Company will be adhering to the "group of management diversity, specialization of industry management" requirements, become a professional engaged in various kinds of non-ferrous metal alloy(aluminum alloy, copper alloy, titanium alloy, stainless steel, etc.) of production (forging and machining), research and development in the integration of high-new technology enterprises. The company will adhere to Yuejin Holding Group "regard contract, keep promise, quality first" corporate purposes.

company's main employees from middle-aged and young people, of which hired has many years of foreign and private enterprise management experienced personnel as the core of  company leadership; Hired domestic large and medium-sized enterprises persons with many years of non-ferrous metal alloy processing production experience as company chief engineer; Company will completely break the traditional private enterprise employ mode and family (employ persons)  crony employ mechanism, adopt "everyman let, second-rate person came down, able person on"  system to choose employee, can make enterprise continuously inject fresh, passion and energetic blood, along a set of corporate development planning and vision development. The company will outfit advanced production and quality testing equipment, using international quality management system, be based on the high science and technology、new materials research and development, to forge ahead of the market high technology, high value-added products. In addition to standard products, company will research and develop special customized products for customers, in order to meet customers’ different requirements.

Company staff will take "enterprising continually, brave in innovation, dare to undertake" work attitude, dedicated to provide excellent quality products and services for customers. we believe Yuejin Nonferrous Metals Manufacture Co.,LTD will be able to win the market and win the future with customers together in the near future. 

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